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To Get AIR Time on TEKnival Radio,

Send Us a MIX For Consideration, for it to be added to our PlayList!

IF you want to Play a weekley Live show

then Selet which show you wish to

apply for & get in touch today. 

Free Rave Music 247 365

TEKnival Radio is the go-to station

for Ravers, free thinkers. 

popular music from across the globe.

TEKnival Radio provides listeners with

hours of pure Rave Music!



Audio only links

This is one of the oldest and most popular Paradeds in the world, of Techno. there’s always something new to discover when you listen to on TEKnival Radio.

wheres teknival ben
UK sound systems Trailer trash sounds and Mainline audio take over the streets of berlin,for rave the planet parade 2022
teknival radio cartoon
teknival radio desert nomad

TEKnival Radio

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